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The Global Summit on inclusive, smart and resilient cities

On 21 and 22 November 2016, the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, and the Mayor of Medellin, Federico Gutierrez, will co-host the second edition of Cities for Life, the global Summit on inclusive, smart and resilient cities in partnership with le Forum SmartCity-La Tribune at Paris City Hall.

Cities attract and create wealth. Yet, fast-growing urbanization fosters massive and rising inequalities in income and leads way too often to social exclusion. These inequalities cannot keep on widening: we have to invent solutions which, thanks to new economic opportunities and new technologies, will enable inequalities reduction as well as promoting a more harmonious and ecological development in cities.

That is why Mayor Hidalgo and Mayor Gutierrez have wished to create an unprecedented international mobilization of mayors, local leaders, corporations, NGOs and experts to reinvent the “city for all”!

In the wake of Habitat III and building on its results, Cities for Life will be the first international meeting of cities under the aegis of the UN, OECD, Rockefeller and Ford Foundations to work on concrete initiatives to promote inclusive growth and social innovation.

For two days, more than 500 local leaders, corporations and experts from all over the world will share preparatory work and solutions through co-creation sessions, workshops and a start-ups village to build the inclusive cities of the future.


Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris

Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris

Our cities are magnificent melting pots that generate wealth, but they also harbour inequalities. In order to strengthen social cohesion and support emerging talents, it is now the task of cities to pull together and take action through shared experiences and innovation.

Acutely aware of this responsibility, the City of Paris has organised the ‘Cities for All’ World Summit on 21 and 22 November. One year after the Climate Summit for Local Leaders, mayors from all over the world, international partners and stakeholders in innovation will meet in Paris to build solutions for the future in order to foster more inclusive development.

More than ever before, innovation and new economic opportunities, whether in Medellin or New York, Dakar or Stockholm, should enable the emergence of a more inclusive, sustainable and resilient society: a society capable of giving everyone a chance.

Welcome to this major social innovation event!

Anne Hidalgo

Carlos Moreno, Philippe Mabille

Carlos Moreno, President of Live in @ Linving City

Carlos Moreno, Philippe Mabille

Philippe Mabille, Managing editor of La Tribune

The city for all, the goal of our urban future

In the XXIst century, the convergence of a world mainly urbanized with the hyper-connectivity came to upset the way of life in our cities. Today, they are central to our future.

The rise of urbanization, the increase of needs to be satisfied in connection with the population boom, the climate, the decrease of the resources, the stakes in housing environment, mobility and energy, but also the visible socioeconomic fractures in the social fabric, all reveal in today's world a very big urban vulnerability.The social exclusion is the human expression of the fragility of our territories, and it is our major challenge.

A path is opening up before our eyes, with an infinity of potential solutions for urbanity. The city of tomorrow is being invented today, and we all are fancying it more intelligent, more effective, more fluid … But more than ever all forms of innovation have to be in the service of the citizen, making the city a place of life, of mixture, inclusion and of sharing. The intelligent city is first and foremost human, alive and welcoming .

Welcome to Paris in the World summit for The City for All. It recaps the extraordinary fights which we have to lead all together: achieving inclusive, resilient and innovative cities, with the power of technology in the service of the citizens' quality of life!

Carlos Moreno & Philippe Mabille