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K-Ryole is a smart electric trailer for bicycle. It can be plugged to any bicycle in seconds, and allows you to carry everything you want up to 250 kg behind your bike without even noticing it thanks to its patented technology. At first, we aim to introduce K-Ryole as the reference tool for urban last mile logistics players, who currently lack suitable means to ensure both delivered volumes explosion and sustainable mobility challenges. But K-Ryole market is much wider and fastly growing:  public communities who wish to promote no-car zones, parents with children or shopping bags, food-bikes, travellers …

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ShareVoisins is the community of sharing neighbors. A site that facilitates the sharing of items and mutual help between neighbors.Need a drill to tinker this weekend? Want to have a good time with friends around a barbecue that you do not own? Want to swap a babysitting against the pickup of your your children at school? Now when you're missing something, you just have to ask your neighbor. Share your items, borrow for free those of your neighbors, swap small services: it's simple like "Hello!", economical and convivial.

Too Good To Go
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Too Good To Go is an smartphone application against food waste. It connect both merchant and consumer.

BePark is a fast growing company that links parking owners who are looking to optimize the management of their asset with drivers in need of a parking spot.BePark is a parking operator whose mission is to manage and valorize parking spaces to facilitate people’s lives. Its technology and ability to innovate in a continuously changing environment allows it to manage more than 150 parkings ranging from 10 to 500 places and to serve thousands of customers every day. 

eGreen is a solution to save energy and water in buildings. Sensors measured in real-time energy or water consumption and a fun and incentive web platform enable better resources management and change behavior from employees and clients. eGreen offer a gamified approach to promote eco-behavior and save energy trough energy challenges. A video game connected to sensors is currently experimented for a european project in 200 households.

You want to shake things up ? Koom is THE platform that will make it possible thanks to challenges launched to promote sustainable development. Koom enables you to :
- Take concrete actions
- See who else is acting around you
- Asses your impact and that of others
- Trigger action from a company/city
For example, if 500 people commit to go cycling whenever they can, the company X will finance a bike park in front of the university. See you on !

Citygoo is the leading last minute urban carpooling application. It offers faster travel from between suburbs when public tranpsort is inadequate and reduces single occupancy.

FANVOICE is a WHITE LABEL crowdsourcing and co-creation platform, offering packaged solutions. FANVOICE connects brands to citizens and consumers in massive digital brainstorming, to improve existing services or invent new ones. Our TEXT MINING technology analyses feedbacks and surface ”hidden” information to better understand citizen expectations.

Fluicity is a start-up that leverages technology and data segmentation to transform the relationship between citizens and elected representatives at the city level. It gathers transparent and collaborative interface of dialogue that re-engages citizens in their public space and a data-centric and content management dashboard that helps representatives better manage a territory.

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RueCentrale develops the first communication and loyalty mobile solution fully dedicated to downtown stores, allowing local merchants to directly send their news, special offers and events on their customers’ community mobile phone. Our goal is simple : provide local merchants with the same digital weapons as those already deployed by big chains and then maintain the dynamic and the attractiveness of our city centers.

As 3D providers dedicated to real estate, we help users to picture themselves into un-existing spaces from 2D plans to interactive 3D models.Whether you are a city representative looking for an engaging communication tool, an office developer willing to offer an efficient decision making tool to your clients, or a housing developer looking for home configurator helping your clients customize their future apartments, Realiz3d has a disruptive technology meeting your needs.

Cette Famille
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CetteFamille allows elderly and dependant people to move in with warm and professional foster family homes to face their loss of autonomy. 1.3 million elderly are dependant in France while only 600,000 places in nursing home to meet this demand.