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An international debate on inclusive cities

Cities around the world have seen social inequalities soar over the past decade. Social and environmental issues, factors of exclusion, have also increased. In this context, the City of Paris wishes to start a debate on aspirations and propositions of a majority of people in order to insure inclusion for everyone.

Inclusive urban development will be the main focus of Cities for Life Paris 2016,a global summit which will take place in Paris, November 21st and 22nd. The summit will build upon the UN Habitat III Conference held in Quito, 17th-20th October.

Ahead of these two meetings, the City of Paris and its partners wish to mobilize conference delegates, stakeholders and citizens around the world to co-create new ideas and tangible solutions, and help address the challenges of inclusive urban development

Why such a debate? And what about the findings?

The objective of this online debate is to foster civic participation. The City of Paris, People for Global Transformation, the City of Medellin, co-initiators of the debate, and all supporting sponsors need concrete solutions and new policy tools that help cities deliver inclusive growth and development.

The findings of the debate will be synthesized and presented during the Cities for Life Paris event on November 21st. It will feed the official call for action to public leaders during Cities for Life and focused summaries will provide content for the thematic workshops.

You are invited to join the debate Your point of view really matters, and we count on your ideas to enrich our understanding of these challenges in order to find the solutions of tomorrow.


Timeline of the consultation

September 16th

Opening of the debate

October 17th-20th

Habitat III UN conference
Presentation of the first propositions

mid December

End of the debate


November 21st

Cities for Life Global Summit on inclusive smart, and resilient cities Presentation of the final report and introduction of the call for actions

How it works

The debate takes place on the online platform Assembl developed by bluenove. You just need to create your account to have access to the debate.

The platform works only on Internet Explorer v.10 and +, on Safari v.7 and +, and on Firefox v.24 and +